I am an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science. I am now dividing my time between Cork in Ireland, and Cambridge, MA in the U.S. I remain affiliated with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, a multi-institutional research centre, with strong ties to local and multi-national industry, and am serving as a Councilor of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. This website provides some brief biographical information, an overview of my research, and a short introduction to my field of Constraint Programming. It also serves as a home for a series of workshops I’ve been organizing, a conference anniversary volume I’ve been editing, and some of my thoughts on oral presentation. The header image is of the Western Gateway Building at University College Cork, where the Computer Science Department, and the UCC portion of  the Insight Centre, is located. You will also find here some links to sources of further information, and finally an incipient Blog. All of this is very much a work in progress.

Among the types of posts you may find in the Blog:

  • Citations: Brief “shout outs” to recent papers citing my work
  • Ideas: Research ideas or other thoughts that might (or might not) be worth pursuing
  • Mentoring: Tips related to my tutorials on “How to Be a Ph.D. Student” and “Presenting a Paper”
  • News: Occasional news about my activities, the Insight centre, Constraint Programming and Artificial Intelligence
  • Papers: A look back at my old papers, with an eye to current relevance