CP Anniversary Volume

This is a “virtual volume” celebrating the first 25 years of the CP conference. 

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The authors (or some subset of them) of one paper chosen from each year of the conference have supplied a “commentary” on their paper. They were given free rein as to subject matter, length and format. Each paper title links to the original paper at Springer. Springer is providing free access to all the proceedings during the 2019 conference and through October:


I make no claim that this volume includes the ‘best’ or ‘most important’ paper from any year. There is no perfect way to choose one paper from each conference. What I’ve done is search in Google Scholar for the paper with the most citations for each year. This is imperfect in so many ways. The citations for conference papers that went on to journals, e.g. a special CP conference issue of the Constraints journal, could suffer from “vote splitting” with the journal version. For recent years with less opportunity for citation, the utility of this measure is, of course, particularly dubious. And so on. In fact, given the vagaries and complexities of Google Scholar, it is possible that I did not even successfully find the most highly cited paper for each year. For 2019, I’ve exercised “editor’s prerogative” and just picked a paper on a subject I’m particularly interested in. Despite all these caveats, I think the volume will provide an interesting perspective on the field, and hopefully be both fun and instructive to read.  

Eventually the plan is to collect all the commentaries posted here into a single PDF, and make the resulting volume available open access through a publisher or repository. 


— Gene Freuder
September, 2019
Insight Centre for Data Analytics
University College Cork

Twenty-five Years

2019: Structure-driven multiple constraint acquisition 

Dimosthenis C. Tsouros, Kostas Stergiou and Christian Bessiere


2018: Evaluating QBF solvers: Quantifier alternations matter

F Lonsing, U Egly


2017: CoverSize: a global constraint for frequency-based itemset mining

P Schaus, JOR Aoga, T Guns


2016: Assisted lead sheet composition using flowcomposer

A Papadopoulos, P Roy, F Pachet


2015: Strengthening convex relaxations with bound tightening for power network optimization

C Coffrin, HL Hijazi, P Van Hentenryck


2014: Incremental cardinality constraints for MaxSAT

R Martins, S Joshi, V Manquinho, I Lynce


2013: A scalable approximate model counter

S Chakraborty, KS Meel, MY Vardi


2012: Refining restarts strategies for SAT and UNSAT

G Audemard, L Simon


2011: Algorithm selection and scheduling

S Kadioglu, Y Malitsky, A Sabharwal, H Samulowitz, M Sellmann


2010: A systematic approach to MDD-based constraint programming

S Hoda, WJ Van Hoeve, JN Hooker


2009: A gender-based genetic algorithm for the automatic configuration of algorithms

C Ansótegui, M Sellmann, K Tierney


2008: Approximate compilation of constraints into multivalued decision diagrams

T Hadzic, JN Hooker, B O’Sullivan, P Tiedemann


2007: MiniZinc: Towards a standard CP modelling language

N Nethercote, PJ Stuckey, R Becket, S Brand, G J Duck, G Tack


2006: Performance prediction and automated tuning of randomized and parametric algorithms

F Hutter, Y Hamadi, HH Hoos, K Leyton-Brown


2005: Towards an optimal CNF encoding of boolean cardinality constraints

C Sinz


2004: A regular language membership constraint for finite sequences of variables

G Pesant


2003: Efficient CNF encoding of boolean cardinality constraints

O Bailleux, Y Boufkhad


2002: Breaking row and column symmetries in matrix models

P Flener, AM Frisch, B Hnich, Z Kiziltan, I Miguel, J Pearson, T Walsh


2001: The traveling tournament problem description and benchmarks

K Easton, G Nemhauser, M Trick


2000: Sat v csp

T Walsh


1999: CSPLib: a benchmark library for constraints

IP Gent, T Walsh


1998: Using constraint programming and local search methods to solve vehicle routing problems

P Shaw


1997: Distributed partial constraint satisfaction problem

K Hirayama, M Yokoo


1996: MAC and combined heuristics: Two reasons to forsake FC (and CBJ?) on hard problems

C Bessiere, JC Régin


1995On similarity queries for time-series data: constraint specification and implementation

DQ Goldin, PC Kanellakis


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