Sample Applications of Constraint Satisfaction

This page is intended to be an engaging way to browse through applications of constraint satisfaction, and to illustrate the wide variety of applications out there. I intend to add to this site from time to time, especially in the beginning, but I never expect it to be in any sense exhaustive. Suggestions for inclusion are also welcome. You can click on the lettering over the pictures for a relevant paper. The choices are somewhat random, they don’t necessarily represent the state of the art; many will be obtained by playing The Application Game.

Applications can help:

  • Interest students in studying constraint satisfaction.
  • Encourage collaborations with companies, institutions and agencies.
  • Demonstrate “impact” to funding agencies.
  • Motivate new applications and also new directions for basic research.
  • Increase public awareness of the ubiquity of the technology.

It is hoped that this collection of applications can contribute in some small way.